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Which Material is Best for my Patio?

Patios can be built from all kinds of material. In order to choose the patio material that is right for you, consider how you will be using the patio. Below are some options of popular patio materials that are commonly used. Flagstone These stone pieces are often large and cut into regular shapes. Flagstone is […]

How Hardscaping Design Increases Your Home’s Value

Whether you are designing a brand new outdoor living space or upgrading your existing one, Capital Land Companies can guide you through every step of the project. It is important to consider every aspect of the hardscaping design of your outdoor space, to avoid having to make costly changes later on. Which Hardscaping Feature Should […]

Keep Muddy Feet Outside with a Brick Walkway

If accessing areas of your outdoor space results in slipping on muddy pathways, it may be time to consider installing a brick walkway. Bricks can be installed in a variety of patterns and layouts, and your new brick walkway can be finished quickly. Let Capital Land Companies help you create a space that is both […]

Create Your Own Splash Park This Summer

Have you ever wanted to add a fun way to cool off to your outdoor space, but don’t want the expense of building a pool? Consider building your own summer splash park in your backyard instead. At Capital Land Companies, we work with every client to tailor to their needs to create an outdoor splash […]

How to Pick the Right Fire Pit

You’ve decided to add a fire pit to your outdoor space, so how do you know which one to choose? At Capital Land Companies, we will use our knowledge and selection to help you choose the fire pit that is right for your space and your needs. Choosing the right fire pit for your space […]

How a Pergola Can Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for a simple way to upgrade your outdoor space? Consider the addition of a pergola. A pergola is a vertical structure added to a patio or deck, with an open or lattice style roof. It provides shade, defines a space, and gives the perfect anchor for hanging or vining plants. Why Should […]

Deck and Patio Upgrades for Summer

When shopping for deck and patio upgrades, look no further than Capital Land Companies. We offer the expertise and knowledge to guide you through every step of your outdoor living space improvement projects. Deck Upgrades There are many options for upgrading your existing deck space. Some may be large projects, involving replacing and rebuilding the […]

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concrete is a unique alternative to choosing brick pavers. You can achieve the look of individually installed pavers while gaining the advantages of concrete. In addition, you can create many types of custom designs that can only be achieved using the stamped concrete method. These projects can include: Patios Driveways Pool Decks Pathways Stamped […]

In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Fire Pit

Choosing to install an outdoor fire pit is exciting. However, it is important to consider which type of fire pit may be the right choice for your outdoor area. Some of the factors to consider before choosing between an in-ground and above-ground fire pit include: Size of space around the fire pit How you will […]

4 Reasons to Use Brick Pavers

If you are considering installing a path, patio, or driveway, it is important to consider whether brick pavers may be preferable to concrete. There are many advantages to choosing brick pavers for your home improvement project. Affordability Depending on the size and scope of the project, brick pavers may be a more affordable option. Concrete […]

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